Cool Genre Sites

A compilation of great links to speculative fiction sites that interest me.  More entries will be posted here as I find further resources I find valuable enough to share.  I am always open to suggestions to add to this page.

AAAS - The website for the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Analog Science Fiction and Fact - Website for the pioneering science fiction magazine.

Apocalypse Zone - Zombies, aliens, and other post-apocalyptic entertainment.

Asimov's Science Fiction - Website for Asimov's Science Fiction magazine.

Beyond Fantasy Magazine - An online fantasy magazine.

Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization - Organization dedicated to researching Bigfoot/Sasquatch.

Blastr - Science fiction, fantasy, and other geek stuff from the SyFy Online Network.

Bloody Disgusting - Your #1 source for all things horror.

Book Lover - An online paper compiling fiction, poetry, art, and entertainment.

Centauri Nanotech News Digest - Online newszine of fantasy, science fiction and technology.

Center for the Study of Science Fiction - Website for the University of Kansas organization.

Clarkesworld Magazine - A fiction e-zine site dedicated to science fiction.

Daily Dead - Your source for daily zombie, horror, and sci-fi news.

Daily Science Fiction - Online magazine of science fiction short stories.

The Daily Tentacle - Online e-zine devoted to science and art and entertainment.

Dark River Press - A fiction e-zine site dedicated to horror and the macabre.

The Dr. Fab Daily - An online paper compiling fantasy, science fiction, technology and news stories.

The Dr. Fan Paper - An online paper dedicated to Dr. Who, science fiction, science, and technology.

Dread Central - Horror movie, DVD, and book reviews, news, interviews.

Dungeons & Dragons - The website for the role-playing game D&D.

Dungeons & Dragons Online - The online gaming site for the role-playing game D&D.

Dungeons & Dragons Wiki - The wiki-style information page for the role-playing game D&D.

DVICE - the SyFy Online Network; science and science fiction.

Eerie Horror Fest - The website for the Eerie Horror Festival and Expo in Erie, PA.

EMP/Science Fiction HOF - Homepage for the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in Seattle, WA.

Fantasy - Online magazine of fantasy, now in archive form since merger with Lightspeed Magazine.

Fantasy & Science Fiction - Site for the award-winning magazine.

Fantasy Faction - Fantasy book news, reviews, and community for fans of modern fantasy.

Fantasy Fiction Daily - An online fantasy-oriented newszine.

Fangoria - Website for the widely-read horror-themed publication.

Fear Net - An online site for horror, thriller and suspense video.

The Flash Fiction Offensive - An online magazine of horror and macabre flash fiction.

Flashes in the Dark - A fiction e-zine site dedicated to horror flash fiction.

Future Life SciFi Chronicle - An online science fiction-oriented newszine.

The Geek Files - An online newszine dedicated to science and science fiction.

Geeks are Sexy - Tech, science, cosplay, comics, and other standard geekly stuff.

Geek Tyrant - Movie news, geek art, movie trailers, cosplay, game culture.

Giant Freakin Robot - A big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey science fiction... stuff.

Halloween Horror Nights - Website for Universal Studios Halloween, Los Angeles, CA and Orlando, FL.

Haunted Society - Website and forums dedicated to paranormal research and awareness.

Heavy Metal Magazine - Online site for the popular adult fantasy magazine.

Hell Horror - An online community for horror aficionados.

History Today - An online newszine dedicated to history and medieval topics.

Horror - An online community for fans of the horror genre.

Horror Digital - An online horror forum for fans of the genre.

Horror Dot Net - An online network of horror sites and search results.

Horror Movies - A Canadian online community for horror movie fans.

Horror News - Horror movies, news, and trailers.

Horror News Network - Complete coverage of all things horror; comics, games, toys, movies.

Horror World - Online resources for horror readers and writers.

Horror Writers Association - Professional organization for horror writers.

The Horror Zine - An online horror e-zine.

IMDb - Movies, TV, and celebrities.

Io9: We Come From The Future - An online site dedicated to science fiction and technology.

Lightspeed Magazine - An online science fiction and fantasy magazine.

Locus Online - Online magazine covering the science fiction and fantasy field.

Morpheus Tales - A fiction e-zine of horror, science fiction, and fantasy.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Space, Stars, Mars, Earth, Planets, and More.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration - Website for NASA.

Nerdist - a site devoted to all things nerd: comics, movies, tech, science, books, whatever.

New England Science Fiction Association - One of the oldest science fiction clubs in New England.

The Nyrhalahotep Daily - A sci-fi newszine featuring blog posts, new shows & film, books & writers.

Open Minds - UFO news and investigations.

Penumbra eZine - A fiction e-zine featuring a variety of speculative fiction and its sub-genres.

Planet Pulp - A blog dedicated to pop culture, comics, cartoons, etc.

PopSci, The Future Now - Website for the magazine Popular Science.

The Psychic Realm - An online newszine of science fiction, paranormal, and psychic news and content.

Real UFOs - the latest UFO videos and news.

Repair Her Armor - A Tumblr site poking fun at, and fixing, fantasy female characters' armor problems.

ResAliens' Spec Fic Daily - An online speculative fiction newszine.

Robotics Today - An online newszine dedicated to robotics and technology.

Science Channel - Website for the Science Channel of Discovery Communications.

Science Demo - Theatre and performance and explanations, oh my!

Science Fiction - A website dedicated to science fiction, including movies, books, TV, comics and more.

Science Fiction Book Club - An online book club for readers of science fiction.

Science Fiction Museum and HOF - The homepage for Seattle, WA's EMP and Science Fiction Museum

Science Fiction World - Science fiction and fantasy news, reviews, and opinion.

Science Fiction Writers of America - Professional organization for science fiction and fantasy authors.

Sci Fi Factor - An online newszine of science fiction and fantasy.

Sci Fi Space - An online community for fans of science fiction.

ScienceMag - The online magazine of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Science News - Magazine of the Society for Science and the Public

Scoop It Science News - An online compilation of science news.

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence - Website for the SETI Institute and the Carl Sagan Center.

SF Signal - A speculative fiction blog.

SF Site - The homepage for science fiction and fantasy.

SFX - UK magazine of science fiction and fantasy, with news, reviews and other content.

Shock Till You Drop - Horror movie news, reviews, trailers.

Slice of SciFi - Science fiction news and reviews.

Space - Space and NASA news; universe and deep space information.

Space and Time Magazine - An online magazine of fantasy, horror, and science fiction.

Steampunk - An online community for fans of the steampunk genre.

SteamPunk Magazine - An online magazine dedicated to the steampunk genre.

The Supernatural Sentinel - An online newszine dedicated to the supernatural.

Syfy Channel - The homepage for the Syfy science fiction television channel.

TempleCon - The homepage for TempleCon, a retro-futurism convention.

Thrilling Tales - A site dedicated to classic science fiction stories and art.  Now with the Pulp-O-Mizer.

Topless Robot - A little bit of everything for the nerd culture.  Batman, Transformers, Star Wars, and more.

UFO Evidence - An organization for the scientific study of the UFO phenomenon.

United Launch Alliance - The homepage for the ULA Lockheed Martin-Boeing space program.

Vampire Kid Daily - A horror- and zombies-themed newszine.

Wayward News & Views Read & Write - A science fiction and technology newszine.

World Fantasy Convention - Website for the yearly World Fantasy Conventions.

World Science Fiction Society - Website for the WSFS World Science Fiction Conventions.

Zombie DIRGE - Geek stuff: comics, gaming, film, illustrations, etc.