Monday, April 18, 2011

Welcome to the Blog!

This is a new endeavor.  It's one I hope will be not only successful, but helpful to the reader.  My goals are simple.  I want to turn this site into a one-stop shopping site for anything and everything involving the world of writing.  From making writing simpler, to providing tips to improve your writing, to offering links to other sites I've found helpful myself.

I've started some link sections along the right margins of the blog.  I'll update these as regularly as I can to provide links to other places on the Internet that can provide valuable information regarding each topic.  Topics I'll start out with include Writing Resources, Editing Resources, Agent Resources, Publishing Resources, Conferences, Contests, and Education.  I welcome any comments or requests for further resources.

Again, welcome, and let's see where this thing takes us!

Jonathan Dalar

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