Monday, July 18, 2011

Sneak Peek: Separate Worlds

The cover for my novella, Separate Worlds is done, and as promised, it's magnificent!  It was created by graphic designer Todd Bréda, and meets all my expectations for a cover.  He's set the bar high, and it's up to me to make sure the content matches what the reader expects when viewing the cover.

The story itself is a fun story.  It's not terribly upbeat, nor is it comedy or satire.  It's fun because it offers alternate views of an alien encounter - one from the perspective of space travel to a distant inhabited planet, and the second from that of a society facing a sudden alien invasion.

The two views contrast our own space race and constant search for intelligent life out there in the void with the legends of ancient Atlantis and the magnificent city that might never have existed.  Hearkening back to those legends, the story assumes that neither world has quite forgotten the encounter, and as such, the tales of it on each are drastically different.

At approximately 14,000 words, it's not a novel.  It's not a short story either, which is why e-publishing seems to be the right venue for it.  Few stories are published at this length, as it's neither cost effective to publish as stand-alone hard copy books, nor short enough for inclusion in most periodicals.

While it's not a terribly long read, it is entertaining.  It doesn't force you to think about any deep philosophical subjects or question why were here at all, but it lets you if you so choose.  It simply takes a few what-if questions about the myths of Atlantis and relates a tale based on those questions.

It's still in editorial stages, but it's getting closer to publication.  I hope to have it available as an e-book within a month or so.  It was tremendously fun to write, and I only hope it will be as fun for you to read.

Update:  It's finished.  Details and links to where it is available can be found in this post.  Enjoy!

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